Chefs with ALTITUDE

Summits Africa managing director and principal trip leader Ake Lindstrom is currently leading a team of UK chefs on Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho route.

ImageRenowned UK chefs’ Ashley Palmer-Watts, John Freeman, Paul Foster and Maître d’ Paulo de Tarso are currently pushing themselves through the thin air on Kilimanjaro, and experiencing some of the worlds most beautiful mountain trails.

ImageThis challenging and exciting endeavor is all in the aim of raising money, and creating awareness for Farm Africa.

ImageFarm Africa support farmers and communities in Africa by providing modern, efficient and first class farming techniques to the people who need them the most. Farm Africa believe that given the right tools and techniques Africa has the power to feed itself; and that smallholders hold the key to lasting rural prosperity.


To keep up to speed with the chefs’ climb, Farm Africa and the teams’ efforts please see the Chefs with altitude blog–kilimanjaro-climb/chefs–kili-blog.

ImageWe would like to give a little mention the crew up on the mountain as they are the real engine room of all of our climbs, without these dedicated, hardworking and inspiring individuals we wouldn’t be able to provide such fantastic and inspiring expeditions.  To learn more about and to help support the crew, why not take a look at our partner organizations KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project)  and The Destiny Foundation

Look out for more news on Farm Africa trips at coming up we will be out-fitting the Tanzania Highland Challenge 145KM trek through the Tanzanian Highlands taking in the Great Rift Valley and some fabulous trails. There’s no question that it’ll be challenging but we are looking forward to the experience and being a part of this fantastic challenge.





Keep climbing!


General Manager

Summits Africa


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